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The artificial gravity of The Armada means that even the weakest of Alien races has to work harder to move. Of course, over time, this has become an easier feat, and those born to ship-life have never questioned this fact and simply have grown up to accept it.

However, this does mean that those aliens that visit the Earth’s surface experience some advantages when subjected to the lesser pull of gravity upon them. They find they move with greater ease, and their already tougher bodies seem to be able to withstand more than the average human.

This varies from race to race. The Karrn, for example, are a naturally strong race and this is shown by their impressive toughness in comparison to humans. The Tokt, used to moving quickly from one place to another, would be faster than most humans even without the lower levels of Earth’s gravity.

Regardless of the origins of their skills, almost every race of the Armada experiences enhanced levels of physical toughness and speed when they are on Earth’s surface. Perhaps most curious of all is the way that those of the Armada interact with technology. Almost all Armada races are used to wireless data transfer of information, and this is done via a different method than to Earth. As such, they were shocked to discovered that they were able to almost ‘hear’ data and technology on Earth, almost like a sort of machine empathy that allowed them to greater understand Earth machines, even if they were unfamiliar with them.


Aliens are a recent arrival to Earth’s galaxy, and as such are still treated with a level of suspicion by the planets inhabitants. Travelling as a vast number of ships referred to as the Armada, the alien races banded together after their home worlds were destroyed in a galactic war they call The Cataclysm. They are now looking for a new galaxy to inhabit, and have been in orbit around Earth ever since making contact with the planet's surface.

Highly technologically advanced, the alien races guard their knowledge carefully, knowing that it is their strongest bargaining chip with Earth at present. As such, very limited amounts of their tech ever make it to Earth’s surface, and those sent down are rarely given advanced technologies to take with them, other than items that perhaps are essential for their survival (such as breathing devices for those who cannot tolerate Earth’s atmosphere, for example).

Aliens are ideal for players who want to push themselves in regards to costume, makeup and prosthetics, as well as put themselves in a position where they are instantly distrusted by other meta-types purely due to the suspicions that the Armada may be intending to take over Earth. Their high-tech style means they are well suited as engineers and chemist, though the different races each have their own inherent styles and strengths which can see them take on a whole range of roles. Politics within the alien meta-type are complex, as not only will they have to interact with humanity politically, they also have the internal politics of the Armada to take into consideration.
Inspiration for the alien meta-type has been drawn from a large pool of sci-fi resources, and we recommend you look at our Pinterest board to see some of our visual inspirations for this group.

Known Alien Races

The Xaxos Galaxy had multiple worlds within it, some larger than earth, and some as small as its moon. Some races were entirely wiped out during the galactic war, but some survived in rather large numbers. These races as known now as the ‘primary races’ due to their sheer numbers, and are amongst the more common within the Armada They are the Prian, Karrn and the Tokt.

Alien Races



One of the oldest, sentient races known to the Universe, the Prian are both master intellects, and patient, but their intelligence as a species is only as great as that of it's most underachieving member



The Karrn are the most tribal and martial of the known alien races. They made up the bulk of the Armada's firepower, their fleet almost entirely consisting of war ships.



The Tokt are a colourful race, and fleeing their homeworld for the plain and smooth surfaces of the Armada was quite the culture shock for them.

Alien Physiology

The alien races that are chosen to go to Earth's surface are those who can tolerate it's climate and atmosphere without causing themselves pain or illness. As such, human doctors argued that it was no huge surprise to find that there were similarities between their physiology and our own. All required oxygen to survive, and all had mostly the same internal organs as a human.

Of course, some differences were noted.

Prianites, for example, have unusually dense skulls and unique reproductive systems (though little is known about these, as Prianites are quite secretive on that matter). While no opportunity has arisen to research it on Earth, Prianites have also informed human scientists that their brain matter is quite different from other races, though they haven't explained exactly how they differ. According to them, it would be very difficult for anyone other than a Prianite doctor to do extensive brain surgery on one of their kind.

Tokt scales have been shown to replenish quickly if removed, meaning that their patterning can change slightly over time. Their bodies are also more efficient with water, meaning they can go for longer periods of time than other races without it before dehydrating, though the abundance of water on Earth means they don't often test this.

Kaarns have the most obvious difference to humans in that they possess two hearts, both situated near the centre of the chest. They've explained that if the 'dominant' organ were to fail or become damaged, the secondary heart would take over in its place. Their lungs are also larger on average than other races. Unlike the Tokt, the spikes and bone plates of the Kaarn do not replenish or repair themselves if removed or damaged.

Other Races

There are many others races within the Armada that play active and important roles, though for the most part their races have suffered such great losses that their numbers may range from 100 survivors down to tens.

Creating A New Race

The Armada contains a huge number of races, and so we are open to players creating new races to their own designs, subject to the approval of the Game Team. Below are some of the guidelines in creating a new alien race:

Player-Created Races

The Children of the Sovereignty


Once one of the most numerous and far reaching of the races in the Xaxos galaxy, numbering trillions, they now number less than five thousand. The Children of the Sovereignty are the last remnants of what was once known as the Grand Sovereignty



Varaxans are a highly advanced technological race that prize intelligence about all other traits. Originally coming from the planet Varaxus, the Varaxans were always well known for their towering architecture and superior knowledge.



They are a tribal people, and they love technology, having a similar relationship to it as the American-Indians of Earth once did with animals. .

General Rules

When contacting the Game Team, please provide either photos of your intended costume/phys-reps, concept art or inspiration shots (with description of any changes) to help us visualise your concept.
We suggest your race background be at least 150 words, but no more than 500. If we believe your race would suit Future’s End, we will respond to you with our edits and, assuming both you and the Game Team are happy, your race will be added to the wiki.
By creating a Player-Created Race, you are allowing other Future’s End players to also join this race.
You may not play a ‘leader’ of your race. All leader characters of Player-Created Races would remain on the Armada ships (and if they came to Earth, they would be played by NPC’s).
Player-Created Races receive the same meta-type free skill as all other aliens. You cannot request a race-specific meta-type advantage.

Things To Avoid

Direct carbon copies of aliens that exist in canon elsewhere (such as from the Star Wars universe) are not permitted as races, though you can take inspiration and elements from these designs (see the section on creating your own alien race for guidance).


All player-created races have a minimum of fifty other members of their race as part of the Armada. As such, you cannot play a ‘sole survivor’ or part of a tiny number of your surviving race.

The Armada races may not always get along on every matter, but they do largely work together well. As such, you cannot create a race that is anti-Armada, or that has intentions of leaving the Armada.

Members of player-created races cannot age any further than 100. As such, no member of a player-created race would have been alive during The Cataclysm, and would have lived their whole lives on Armada ships.

All individuals within the Armada have been ‘chosen’ to go to Earth. As such, keep this in mind when writing your race and individual background. Characters who are blindly murderous, for example, would be unlikely to ever be permitted to visit the planet’s surface!


By submitting an alien race for use at Future’s End, you are agreeing that Future’s End can edit this race as required to fit the game and use them for whatever purpose in the context of Future’s End LARP (including, but not limited to: plot use, background use, NPC/Crew use, sanctioned event use). The creator will not receive any form of payment for use of their race.

The original race, however, remains the property of the player who created it, and they may use it for whatever other purpose outside of Future’s End LARP that they see fit.

Costume Guidelines

It is important to note that the level of phys-rep you choose to use to represent your character does not give them any advantage or disadvantage over others of the same race. For example, a Tokt with only small amounts of scales is seen as no less a member of their race than someone who is almost fully-covered in them.

Costume Extras

Inhuman prosthetics (please check with game team to ensure your prosthetic is suitable). Cybernetic implants, alien features (antenna, extra eyes, inhuman bone structure etc).

Futuristic and high-tech is the predominant style of the Alien races. As well as this, having various implants or bionic body parts is also common with these people (and while you can roleplay these having an effect, they do not give you any extra abilities as a result).

Costume Restrictions

No wings. Horns are possible but limited, so please check with the game team to confirm your design is suitable.


The alien races are, largely, proud of their technological advancement, despite it ultimately having been responsible for the downfall of their home worlds. They see its value in being used to bargain with less advanced races, and guard it carefully. They do, however, often reference the various things they use back on the Armada ships so as to remind other metatypes of just how much they have achieved technologically.

They generally see humans and mutants as ‘younger’ races, owing to the limited nature of their technology and universal knowledge. They do not insult them for it, however, having met and experienced various races of a range of abilities throughout their history. In fact, they are rather impressed by the ingenuity of humans and mutants, as well as noting that they’ve advanced in leaps and bounds in more recent decades. Research has also discovered that humanity shares a common gene with all known alien races, which is a subject of interest for the Armada, since no humans have been known to exist within their home galaxy.

Ethereals are something of an unknown to the aliens, who have never experienced a race quite like them before. They are looked upon with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion, as the very nature of their being is rather hard to define.

Having learned to work together with each other to ensure their survival, aliens are willing to create alliances wherever required to achieve their goals, regardless of what differences may exist between their own race and that of others. They do, however, seem to have a habit of turning to other aliens for assistance before seeking out the aid of other meta-types. Because of this, they have sometimes been accused of being insular, either not trusting in the ability of other meta-types or simply believing others to be too unintelligent to understand the aliens level of conversation. Whether or not this is the case is a matter of debate, both inside and outside of the Armada!

Aliens and Humanity

Aliens are still viewed as very unusual by most of humanity, though their existence has been so widely publicised that it is a strange human indeed that would deny that life from planets other than our own does not exist. As the alien races are largely involved with either Operation:Alpha or Project:Omega, they are most commonly seen in public in the towns or cities that the factions' various headquarters are based within. In these places, they still turn heads but are not seen as incredibly out of the ordinary. As you move further afield, however, aliens are a far rarer sight, and may be treated very differently by locals.

As such, aliens sometimes have a tough time connecting with humans who have never seen extra-terrestrial life before, their visage sometimes inspiring curiosity, and other times, fear. Aliens who are a part of Alpha and Omega are encouraged by their factions to be aware of this when on away missions, and to act accordingly with the local populace. Both factions have, however, realised that aliens can be used as a very effective distraction (or, indeed, intimidation) technique against those who are not used to seeing them in public.

Meta-Type Skills

Aliens get the Analysis skill for free


This skill allows the character to analyse a lammied item to understand what it does. The analysis must be performed in an area designated by a referee as a workshop.

Binary Hacking

With this skill a character may attempt to break systems with simple binary coding. This can be used on simple electronic devices. You must inform a referee before trying to use this skill.


A character with this skill restores 1 hit per location every 10 minutes.
This skill does not restore hits on locations on -1 and therefore cannot stop you bleeding to death.

Hard Skin (Level 1 / 2)

Hard Skin 1: +2 LHV Hits (cannot be upgraded with DR or Immunities)
Hard Skin 2: +4 LHV Hits (cannot be upgraded with DR or Immunities)
Hard Skin cannot be upgraded using Chemistry or Engineering skills to provide extra hits, damage reduction or immunities.