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Operation: Alpha

Operation: Alpha (often referred to as simply ‘Alpha’) were spawned from the first group of meta-types that banded together on Earth, setting themselves up as a vigilante group of superhumans over the age of 18 working outside of Government control, believing themselves to be too powerful to risk being used by potentially corrupt officials.

Alpha act as they see fit, which obviously varies from individual to individual, resulting in some behaving more heavy-handedly than others. As such, the media views them as potentially dangerous and working without either authority or proper redress, and thus they’re widely untrusted by humanity. Even within the Alphas themselves, there is often internal politics as to how much freedom they should afford themselves, and whether they should consider themselves to be ‘above the law’, as even if they continued in their belief of not working for the government, they could still operate within the laws of their country if they so chose (and many do not).

Alphas believe that meta-types should be allowed to work without the restrictions or regulations imposed by humanity’s United Earth Government. They are not entirely disliked, however, as there are pockets of humanity that share the Alpha’s view that governments are not always to be trusted, and see them as the only ones able to “police the police”. It is widely believed amongst the Alphas that their powers give them not only the ability but the right to be above the law, as these would otherwise restrict them from doing what needs to be done to complete a mission.

Alpha is run by a group of super-powered beings who have been chosen by the rest of the faction to represent their various concerns (one for each meta-type, and one for each archetype), known as the Alpha Council. While these council members rarely attend away missions, they do send the Overseer in their stead to report back to them. It is the job of the Alpha Council to help maintain the bases of various groups within the faction, as well as act as a Mission Control for the faction.

Alpha Logo

What Is It To 'Be' Alpha?

'The Original Super Group: Alpha was formed out of a desire to save the world, and fight against the evils of the world.
To 'be' Alpha is to be an idealist: Hold on to the vision of a better world, and work to see that vision become reality.
To hold true to the original ideals which sparked the creation of the UEG: To refuse to compromise, to act with integrity in everything you do and to never aid in the subversion of those ideals.
To have the strength to stand: We will never be used as the strong arm of corrupt politicians, corporate fat cats or incompetent law enforcement officials. The fact that the government are scared of us because of this, the one true unaligned and unbiased force in this world, speaks volumes. We will stand against the lies that those whose agendas our presence keeps in check spread.
The power we possess gives us many things: It gives us the responsibility to affect positive change where we can, following the ideals of the UEG. It gives us the ability to police the UEG as it stands today and hold them to account against those ideals where no one else can. It means that we are ideally suited to dealing with threats posed by those who believe themselves untouchable because of the power they wield – real or imagined.

They say we stand for nothing, that by refusing to have oversight and control that we are untrustworthy and have things to hide. We say that by having their oversight and control that we would end up standing for nothing other than what they told us.

What Alpha Members are not

Criminals: While heroes of Alpha will stand against corrupt politicians and fight for what they believe in, they will not break the law to do so.
A rag-tag bunch of rebels: Alpha has a long established chain of command, and internal governance. Just because it's not backed by the UEG, doesn't mean it's disorganised.

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