Astral Beings

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The aging of Astral Beings varies depending on a whole slew of factors, and the eldest amongst them have lived for what they will refer to as ‘many human lives’, though none have yet given a precise age. Those listed below are the most powerful of the Astrals, having lived purely on the Astral Plane since their creation, having never served as an aide to a mage. However, they do have the ability to interact with the beings on Earth… if you can get their attention.

Those listed below are the Astrals known to communicate with those on Earth the most, though it is possible that others will make themselves known in time.


Drawn to those who speak with confidence and self-assurance, Tavatorin is one of the most vocal of the Astrals. He is fickle, however, and very quick to take sides in an argument, as well as having a short temper for those who disagree with him. When it comes to bargaining, he will often have a ‘take it or leave it’ mentality, and will take threats against him as a challenge.


Arantorin is far more open to suggestion and discussion, willing to see things from multiple points of view before drawing his conclusions, and will stay firmly on the fence if there is not enough evidence to sway him. If he questions you and you answer incorrectly or not at all, he will look poorly upon you… but if you are correct (or word your response in such a way as to amuse or intrigue him), you are far more likely to gain his attention.


She revels in the unique and unusual, finding new experiences to be those that interest him most, and things which are common utterly bore her. However, unique doesn’t have to mean ‘big’ or ‘expensive’, as Kaixis is able to see the potential in the smallest of things. She is known to be a close friend of Arantorin, the two of them often working together in their chosen pursuits,


Generally a quiet yet determined being, Jatora is not only very self-aware, but easily affected by things going on around her. She is very protective of herself and often quite closed towards people, so any attempts to get through to her must be done carefully and without appearing to be a threat. If interacted with in an aggressive manner, she will mostly withdraw into herself (or perhaps even leave), but there are occasions where she will lash out, almost as if to destroy the perceived threat. Generally, it is far better to work with Jatora than to try and force her into something she does not want.


Bold and forthright, Xanrian is an incredibly honest Astral, and have a severe dislike of deception and subversiveness. She can be honest to a fault, however, happy to identify peoples failings and shortcomings without any real thought to their feelings, though he will claim that to do anything other would be to lie by omission. Strongly believing that action speaks louder than words, she will always try to ensure that his actions reflect his thoughts and opinions as best he can.


Elrorian believes that subtlty is a powerful thing, and that you can often judge someone more by what they do not say rather than what they do. He is quite secretive and, as such, this quiet Astral sees and hears things that others often do not, and has discovered that his habit of being unseen so often makes people rather nervous around him.