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The Humanity Coalition

The third faction of Future’s End, consisting entirely of NPCs and crewmembers.

The Humanity Coalition is a group of people from various walks of life, representing humanity as a whole. They may be major politicians, businesswomen or scientists, or they may be school-teachers, house-husbands, or unemployed. Almost every section of society is somehow represented within The Humanity Coalition, with the group being a major influence on the United Earth Government. While super-powered humans and mutants are represented, aliens and ethereals are still not seen as part of 'humanity', and are therefore currently not represented within The Coalition.

Representatives from The Humanity Coalition are all appointed by democratic voting, which anyone who is a registered citizen from a UEG country (which currently is all worldwide countries) can partake in. The Coalition administration oversees the voting to ensure that it is performed fairly. Representatives are permitted to advertise the fact that they are standing for a position within The Coalition, but are not allowed to receive financial support or backing from any corporations or individuals without it being clearly and publicly mentioned on all their promotional material, as well as on their candidate page during election processes. The Humanity Coalition has no desire to see their organisation overrun with corporate-sponsored puppets. Indeed, they have been applauded by groups across the world for their fair elections and scrutiny of candidates. While there have been situations where candidates have been removed due to going against the regulations of The Coalition's election process, The Coalition itself has always been admirably above-board.

The people within this faction will change as various representatives come and go throughout the course of an event. Due to their intense interest in the actions of both Alpha and Omega, they will often set themselves up in a neutral location near any Away Missions, so they can interact with superheroes from each faction. The Humanity Coalition also has offices within all United Earth Government buildings, and many representatives have local offices set up near their homes.

As The Humanity Coalition represents the whole of humanity, how you present yourself and your faction to them is very important. If they dislike you, you will find that the world's opinion of you (and, potentially, your whole faction) will suffer as a result of it, and your missions may become harder as people actively work against you to try and see you fail. However, gain the favour of The Humanity Coalition, and you may find the media presents you/your faction more favourably, not only aiding you on missions, but perhaps even giving you access to resources or information you may not previously have had the opportunity to gain.

Trying to win over The Humanity Coalition as a whole, or even just individual representatives, is a very good way to advance your character as well as affect the feeling towards your faction.

Notable Members of the Humanity Coalition

Mr Damien Sinclair - President of The Humanity Coalition
Damien Sinclair, President of the Human Coalition played by Rich Andrews

Damien Sinclair began his professional career in the Royal Air Force, achieving the rank of Flight Lieutenant before being honourably discharged after twelve years service. While this meant he left active duty, he still remained involved in the RAF as a military advisor, renowned for his ability to negotiate with great success before pro- and anti- military lobbyists.

In 2013, he was given the position of Vice-President of The Humanity Coalition, acting as a close confidante of the President at the time, Ms. Sabrina Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell retired from her position in late 2014 due to wanting to spend more time with her family, and thus Damien was promoted. This move had very little opposition from other members of The Humanity Coalition, and was generally viewed quite positively by the world media.

This role charges Mr. Sinclair with a wide range of responsibilities, including retaining relations with the superhero groups Operation: Alpha and Project: Omega, with the intent of keeping his opinions of them as unbiased as possible so as to provide the rest of the Coalition (and, indeed, humanity as a whole) with honest feedback on what each faction is providing the world with. While he is more inclined towards the structured and legitimate methods used by Project: Omega, he also appreciates some of the more forward-thinking and resourceful ideas that come out of Operation: Alpha.

Mr. Sinclair takes a great deal of interest in Alpha and Omega, and as a result makes a point of setting up secure 'neutral zones' at various Away Missions for members of The Coalition to appear and observe the superheroes at work. He has been known to often appear at them himself, claiming he prefers to see things first-hand where possible.

OOC Information
Damien Sinclair is played by Richard Andrews. When IC, he is identifiable by his ID badge, displaying the logo of The Humanity Coalition, and is available for interaction with all players.

Hc shutterbug.jpg

Employed by The Humanity Coalition to be their 'impartial and unbiased' photographer, Shutterbug is an entirely unique being, the likes of which has never been seen before. While tests have confirmed that she does indeed possess the mutant gene, it has manifested in a way not seen in any other mutant in documented history. Shutterbug possesses the Reactive Gene trait, but to such an extent that it appears to be impossible to kill her. Her body will instantaneously react to anything that appears to threaten her natural state of being, whether that be positive or negative. Weapons do not harm her, serums do not enhance her. This may have made her into a formidable warrior were it not for one thing: she appears utterly incapable of causing physical damage to others. Her mutant gene has made her both unkillable and unable to kill... though admittedly, she has no interest in getting involved in harming others, so perhaps this is not much of a problem!

When her story first came to light in her mid-teens, she was approached by both Alpha and Omega and strongly urged by both teams to join their ranks. However, it was an offer from The Humanity Coalition that finally won her over, offering her a hefty paycheck along with multiple perks in return for her aid... as a photographer. Her ability to walk into any situation and come out entirely unharmed made her ideal for the job, acting as a documenter for all Alpha and Omega missions, while at the same time not showing favour to one over the other, giving The Humanity Coalition an unbiased look into the actions of the factions. They are very strict on how involved she may become in situations, giving her direct orders to not become involved in conflict under any circumstance as this may compromise her impartiality. All of her photography equipment instantaneously uploads her images to a remote database held under high security so it is impossible to destroy one of her images after it has been taken. Despite being a mutant, she appears resolute in upholding the title of 'unbiased media source' that has been placed on her, and does her utmost to document as much as she can while showing no favour to any particular faction, meta-type or supergroup.

She answers directly to the President of The Humanity Coalition: Mr. Damien Sinclair.

OOC Information
Beth Dooner is one of our primary photographers for Future's End. When she is playing the role of Shutterbug, players are more than welcome to interact with her IC so long as they respect that her primary purpose for being in any given place is for the purposes of photography. When IC, she is there as a representative of The Humanity Coalition, and players should react to that accordingly. She can (and likely will!) report back on your actions to her superiors.

There may be times when Beth will appear wearing a High-Vis armband or jacket. At these times, she is OOC and therefore invisible, and players should not alter their actions as a result of her being there.

Quincy Jones - The Barman

The Barman, known to some by his true name of Quincy Jones, is possibly one of the most well-known barmen in the world thanks to his relationship with The Humanity Coalition. Due to his rather impressive Mage abilities, Quincy is able to serve up drinks at any bar, no matter how likely the chance for brawls, and keep all the patrons under control. He tries not to use his powers often (for reasons he prefers not to disclose), but when push comes to shove he will demonstrate just why he is known as the world's best barman!

He was employed by The Humanity Coalition some years ago after they found details of his abilities on their records, and for a time they struggled to convince him into a role that he would accept. Refusing to be involved in reconnaissance, research, or pretty much any other job they tried to lure him into, they were surprised when Quincy was the one to suggest a potential job be would accept to them. The Coalition was well-known for setting up 'neutral zones' where Alpha and Omega were in close quarters in an attempt to encourage both sides into one space where the Coalition could keep an eye on them, and the best way to draw them in was to set up a bar. Of course, alcohol and superpowers are a dangerous mix, so when Quincy offered to be their primary barman, the Coalition was somewhat surprised that they didn't think of this themselves! He now travels the world after Alpha and Omega teams, serving up drinks and keeping things under control.

OOC Information
The Barman is played by Ian Watson. As well as being licenced to serve alcohol at Future's End games, Ian also performs the role of Game Operations Desk (aka GOD) for the game. You should visit Ian at the bar at the start of an event to pick up your player packs, and also go to him if you need to re-roll a character, get in contact with a member of the ref team, or have any other enquiries that you aren't sure who to direct to!