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Unsurprisingly, Humans are the most common meta-type within both Operation: Alpha and Project: Omega, as well as being the dominant meta-type on Earth, and they hope to keep it that way. A race of beings with seemingly limitless ingenuity and a great potential for learning, humans are always pushing themselves to their limits in an attempt to reach ever higher.
Humans are ideal both as starter characters and for those who simply do not want the hassle of makeup and prosthetics for their kit. They are comfortable in just about any role given to them and do not have a stereotypical archetype. They are also ideal for politically-driven characters, as humans currently hold the most political power on Earth, and intend to do so indefinitely. Those players who wish to explore the various racial biases within the game may also find humans a good choice due to the potential for distrust and dislike of those from the mutant or alien meta-types.

Humans are considered the ‘base meta-type’ in the universe, as all other meta-types seem to be somehow based on them. It is interesting to note, however, that humans bear the least marks and similarities to the structure of the Astral Plane within their genetics, implying that other races perhaps came to be due to the Astral Plane’s influence. As such, while human mages are somewhat rare, Psykers are more common.
Inspiration for the human meta-type has been drawn from a huge variety of sources, and we recommend you check out our Human Meta-Type Pinterest board to see what influences the Game Team have drawn from!

Meta Humans

Generally speaking, humans are not in any way ‘super’. Some fall above or below the average expectations for their species, either through luck, genetics or hard work, but that is the extent of it.

Meta-Humans, however, are those who were born or developed a specific gene that allows them to achieve feats otherwise unattainable by others of their race. For some, it makes them tough enough to be able to be shot multiple times and not go down. For others, it makes their intelligence so high that they are able to figure out new and complex medical procedures in a day, where it’d take other researchers and doctors months to even begin testing such methods. For others, their biology is altered so that they develop psychic or magical powers.

All meta-humans seem to have developed super-human determination, allowing them to occasionally shrug off injuries that might otherwise incapacitate a person.

Meta-humans can exist with no other visible powers, and regular weapons will do little harm to them. However, should a normal human be hit with a special-crafted weapon, they’d likely find themselves on the floor instantly, regardless of where the weapon hit.

What Humans are not

While humans in Future’s End have pushed a little beyond real-world technology, the game is not set in the far-flung future where robots walk the streets and flying cars fill the skies. Humanity has still not mastered space travel, and for most intents and purposes are still at a similar technological level as they are in the real-world. Exceptions to this rule have been introduced by the alien meta-type, and further advancements can be made in-game. As such, it would be illogical to create a human character who is part cyborg, or who has travelled beyond our galaxy.

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Humans are very driven characters, and the appearance of other meta-types has made them very determined to prove that they are just as good as everyone else at being superheroes. They dislike this assumption that aliens are smarter, mutants are stronger, and ethereals more magical than they are, with many claiming that anything another meta-type can do, humanity will eventually do better. They are the most numerous of all the meta-types, and as such many humans find strength in numbers.

Humans can display a whole variety of personality traits, however, and these will likely be influenced by their background. A soldier who has been through war zones may find that she takes a more direct and aggressive approach to other meta-types, whereas a scientist who takes a keen interest in chemistry or biology may find them fascinating. You may display any manner of personality traits that fit your character.

It is noted that humans seem to harbour a widespread dislike of mutants, and a distrust for aliens, though these opinions are not shared by all of humanity. Their opinions towards ethereals varies hugely, and it is hard to tell whether human opinion towards them is mostly positive or negative.

Humans in both Alpha and Omega are recruited internationally, meaning that there may also be cultural differences between various humans.

Costume Requirements

Minimum Phys-Rep

There is no real minimum phys-rep for humanity, other than being human! This may sound logical, but it is important that human players plan their character design so as not to be mistaken for one of the other meta-types.

Costume Extras

Humanity is afforded limited amounts of cybernetic implants, so small amounts of this can be used on your character. If you wish for someone to have a bionic limb, this should be rather clunky and large rather than the more sleek, advanced limbs available to the alien race.

Costume Restrictions
Humans do not have unnaturally coloured eyes or skin tones, nor any prosthetics that will make them appear inhuman. It should also be noted that humans in Future’s End now avoid excessive tattooing, as this has become a ‘mutant thing’ that many humans believe to now be synonymous with the lower-class of being.
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If you have real tattoos, do not worry about covering them up. However, players should not give themselves excessive henna’d or painted/drawn-on tattoos if playing a human.

Style Notes

Human fashion is as varied in Future's End as it is in the real world. The stylistic difference between Humans and Mutants is mostly in how 'finished' the items look. With humans, clothing will almost always look professionally manufactured or store-bought, as well as generally being cleaner and more presentable overall. Humans can also have more of a military edge to their uniforms which mutants will not, opening the door to army surplus items being used as kit quite commonly for this meta-type.

The Pinterest Mood Board for Humans can be found here.

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