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Items, both crafted and found elsewhere within the game world, are capable of both augmenting existing abilities and granting new ones to their owners.
Items have duration and limitations upon them (some only existing for one event, others are able to be activated a certain number of times per day).


The term “lammie” is used as a catch-all term for the cards used to indicate that an item is, in some way, special or has specific effects. At Future’s End, they are used for crafted items, liquids, traumatic wounds and unique items. Wording on lammies may take precedence over the rules as written on the wiki, and the lammie will clearly state if this is the case.

Item lammies are usually a small laminated card around the side of a credit card. They will detail the effects an item may have or produce, the date of expiration, and signature of the member of GOD who issued the lammie. These lammies MUST be attached to a phys-rep, and must be visible to be effective (i.e. not tucked into clothing/armour or wrapped under a weapon’s grip. No visible lammie = no lammie effect). For weapons, the lammie should not be attached to a striking surface, or in any way that may cause damage to another person or their property.

Special Liquid lammies are rip cards, printed with a description of the liquid on the rear of the card. Once a liquid card is ripped open, it is considered used. These lammies MUST be attached to a suitable phys-rep, and must be visible when that phys-rep is being used (i.e. the lammie must be attached to a potion bottle, but you can store those bottles in a bag until ready to use them).

Traumatic Wound lammies are rip cards, printed with a roleplay effect for the player on the rear of the card. These can only be ripped open by a surgeon. These lammies MUST remain visible, as they indicate trauma that can be seen by others (held in a hand or attached to yourself visibly is acceptable).

Lammied items can be destroyed through abilities such as ‘smash’ and ‘shatter’, unless otherwise stated on the lammie itself. When a lammied item is destroyed, it can only be repaired in a designated workshop using the engineering skill ‘Mend’.

Durations of Crafted Items

Except in special circumstances, where the lammie states otherwise, the standard durations for crafted items are as follows:

- Weapons with increased base Damage: One year duration, unlimited uses
- Weapons with added Effects (flaming, psychic etc): One year duration, unlimited uses
- Weapons with added Calls (Through, Strikedown, Global etc): One year duration, three uses per day
- Items with increased Damage Resistance: One year duration, unlimited uses
- Items with resistance to an Effect: One year duration, unlimited uses
- Items with resistance to a Call : One year duration, unlimited uses

Duration of Serums and Antidotes

Serums and Antidotes last indefinitely.
These are One Use items.

Duration of Poisons

- Common Poison - 30 minute shelf-life
- Uncommon Poison - 20 minute shelf-life
- Rare Poison - 10 minute shelf-life

Lost Lammies

Future's End will not replace Lammies which are lost so please ensure you look after them.


The type of ammuntion a dart represents is written in silver marker on the body of the dart as follows:

P - Pistol
R - Rifle
H - Heavy

Pistol bullets only work in Pistols
Rifle bullets only work in Rifles
Heavy bullets only work in Heavy Weapons

Darts which have been fired are considered to be shell casings.
You MUST NOT pick up darts from the floor and fire them again

Policing Your Brass

There is a mechanic within the game which encourages and rewards you for collecting fired darts. More information about this can be found here.

Damaged Darts

We would ask all players to be careful with the nerf darts they are issued but we equally understand that sometimes accidents happen, especially where foam darts are involved.

If you find any of your darts are damaged, please hand them to your camp quartermaster or GOD who will issue you with a replacement. Common issues are:

1/ Glue failure on the tip (head coming away)
2/ Torn / ripped foam

End Of The Event

All darts remain the property of Future's End Events and must be handed into GOD at the end of the event, prior to your departure from site.

A note will be made of your unspent ammo total handed in for this to be issued back to you at the start of the next event you attend.

Casings handed in at the end of the event will automatically be turned into Phlogiston between events and added directly to your account.