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Mutants are different from humans from the very start, in the mutant marks that appear on their faces. All mutants are born with a level of enhanced toughness and speed, similar to that found in meta-humans.

Mutants are also born with regeneration abilities, and it’s unheard of for a completely ‘unpowered’ mutant to be born, with the mark upon their face but no regenerative abilities or other discernible skills.

Mutants are far less common than humans, with one one mutant born for every twenty humans. As a result, while they are the second most common intelligent species on Earth, they are still very much a minority and often find themselves marginalised.


Mutants have not had a particularly easy time on Earth thus far, initially being treated as a lesser race, distrusted and disliked by their unmutated human counterparts. At first they were driven to hide their mutations, some even taking to hidden or underground colonies in an attempt to escape persecution. However, they have more recently been declared as equal to the rest of humanity, afforded all the rights and allowances that humans have always had. While some are happy to accept this declaration of equality, some see it as too little, too late.

While they share near identical physiology with humans at birth, their genetic structure also contains what is now referred to as the “blank gene”. It is this unique gene that mutates them, giving them their powers along with any physical changes along with it. While attempts to isolate this gene have been made, none have yet been successful. As such, there is no known way to either ‘cure’ mutation, not trigger it in non-mutated humans. Mutants are a good metatype for players who wish to experiment with a character that has strong emotional and political feelings towards humanity, or who wish to try out make-up and prosthetic techniques. Their stereotypical archetype leans them towards chemistry-based characters, as many mutants have taken an interest in this particular field. However, the nature of their powers does ultimately mean they are well suited for a variety of roles, dependent on their mutation.
Inspiration for the mutant meta-type has been drawn from a huge variety of sources, and we recommend you check out our Pinterest board to see what influences the Game Team have drawn from!

Things To Avoid

Directly copying mutants from known real-world sources (such as the X-Men) is discouraged, though you may use these characters as inspiration. It is also important to note that players in Alpha and Omega work alongside humans, so while they may harbour lingering discontent towards humanity, they would not be visibly murderous towards them (killing your teammates is, after all, something of a social faux pas).

Costume Guidelines

Minimum Phys-Reps
Mutant Mark.jpg
  • The Mutant Mark

The 'Mutant Mark' (see image) upon either one of the cheeks or forehead, using makeup, rigid collodion or latex. As the Mutant Mark occurs naturally, it should look like a birthmark, or even a scar, and shouldn't be done in black as this may make it too easily mistaken for a tattoo.

  • Brightly Coloured Veins

These brightly coloured veins must be visible to other players so we suggest on the temples, edges of the face, the neck, arms or wrists. If your character has purchased a mage alignment or psyker discipline then their vein colour may reflect this (red for Pyrokinetic, blue for Hydrokinetic, black for Darkness etc.)

Costume Extras
  • Physcical Mutations

Eyes that match the colour of your veins, tattoos, cybernetics, limited physical mutations (please consult the Game Team if you’re worried any physical mutation you wish to use might clash with another race).
We do not wish to limit people's creativity when it comes to physical mutations, as these could manifest in a huge variety of ways. We do, however, ask that characters avoid any physical mutation that may result in them being mistaken for another meta-type (avoiding anything that drastically affects the face may help with this). If in doubt, please check your ideas with a member of the Game Team.

Costume Restrictions

No horns or wings of any description. You should avoid any other trappings that make it hard to distinguish your character from an Alien. Mutants should always remain largely human in appearance.

Style Notes

Mutants are alternative in style, and while some inspiration has been taken from post-apocalyptic sources, costumes should not be too heavily 'wasteland' in appearance. Mutants may have limited means, but they still have access to largely the same clothing options as humans. They are, however, more resourceful and are happy to use less aesthetically pleasing materials so long as they do the job, such as using scrap metal to make armour rather than buying brand new pieces. Their fashion style began as a statement against the norm and, over time, simply became the common trend for their meta-type. Grunge, punk and goth styles are prevalent within this meta-type, with resourceful use of non-traditional items to make up their accessories. While mutants may wear body armour, they are not as fond of military surplus goods as the Humans are.


Once so oppressed by humanity, mutants were often driven to hide together in gangs and underground subcultures, and this has affected their style and mentality. As well as their glowing veins, many mutants choose to tattoo themselves with the symbols associated to their faction or group, and tend to follow a more ‘alternative’ style of clothing. Those who tattoo themselves may only have a single piece of ink, or they might be covered with numerous symbols and images, and this is entirely down to the individual. Mutants have a lot of modern media to base their look upon, but most are of the opinion that the brightly-coloured spandex suits are quite simply impractical!

They have been noted to be group-oriented, seeking out the support of other mutants (particularly when largely outnumbered by humans), especially those from the same groups as their own. They are sometimes described as being almost ‘gang-like’ in nature, and tend not to be as democratic as others groups perhaps might be. Generally speaking, individuals in a mutant group will all have an equal voice, with a ‘leader’ selected who speaks on their behalf.

While relations with humanity have improved, some mutants still prefer to keep their identity hidden and masquerade as a human when not working with their faction. As such, many mutants will be masked (either with physical eye-masks or simply painting an eye-mask or black stripe across their faces) while working for the Alphas and Omegas, though some are far more brazen about their differences and choose not to do so.

Ethereals often act rather unusually towards mutants, and their reactions towards them vary. Some have noted the ethereals fondness of their kind and choose to use it to their advantage, whereas others see it as irritating or insulting, feeling as if they are being treated like sideshow oddities by this unusual metatype.

Meta-Type Skills

Mutants get the Regeneration skill for free


A character with this skill restores 1 hit per location every 10 minutes.
This skill does not restore hits on locations on -1 hits and therefore cannot stop you bleeding to death.

Blank Gene

When you purchase this skill you must choose one of the following effects:

  • Ability Mimicry

You must inform a referee before trying to use this skill.
This skill can only be used once per day.
To use this skill you must stand within 3 feet of your target with your hand fully extended towards them.
The target of this skill must be conscious, aware and willing to have this skill used on them.
This skill can only be used to mimic ability mutations.
If you activate your mimicked ability mutation and it is interrupted the mimicked ability mutation does not work.
This skill cannot be used on a mutant with ability mimicry.

  • Reactive Evolution

This skill allows the character to call "Resist" once per day against any one attack or spell targeted at them.
It cannot be used to resist an attack or spell which includes the 'Global' or 'Annihilate' call.

Chemical Affinity

This skill increases the effectiveness of healing serums by 1.

Hard Skin (Level 1 / 2)

Hard Skin 1: +2 LHV Hits (cannot be upgraded with DR or Immunities)
Hard Skin 2: +4 LHV Hits (cannot be upgraded with DR or Immunities)
Hard Skin cannot be upgraded using Chemistry or Engineering skills to provide extra hits, damage reduction or immunities.


Mutations come in three categories: Physical, Empowerment and Ability.
It is not possible for a character to purchase more than one mutation from each category

A starting character may not select more than two mutations at character creation.

Physical Mutations


Phys-Rep Requirement: Prosthetic gills on neck
Characters with this skill take half damage from attacks with the Hydrokinetic damage type to a minimum of single.
Characters with this skill take double damage from attacks with the Geokinetic damage type.

Rock Skin

Phys-Rep Requirement: Rock-like body paint/sleeves/prosthetic on the arms at minimum, extending to other visible skin if desired.
Characters with this skill take half damage from attacks with the Pyrokinetic damage type to a minimum of single.
Characters with this skill take double damage from attacks with the Hydrokinetic damage type.

Organic Metal Skin

Phys-Rep Requirement: Metal bodypaint/sleeves/prosthetic on the arms at minimum, extending to other visible skin if desired.
Characters with this skill take half damage from attacks with the Light damage type to a minimum of single.
Characters with this skill take double damage from attacks with the Pyrokinetic damage type.

Enhanced Vision

Phys-Rep Requirement: Tech-patterned contact lenses.
This skill can be used once per day when on a linear.
You must inform a referee before trying to use this skill. If successful the referee will advise you rough numbers on the next encounter.
Characters with this skill take single through damage to the head if hit by the Blind call.

Empowered Mutations

Shadow Empowerment

This skill cannot be purchased by a mage with light alignment.
Phys-Rep Requirement: Dark shadowing around the eyes and hands.
This skill increases the characters LHV by 1LHV per location at night.
This skill decreases the characters LHV by 1LHV per location during the day.

Light Empowerment

This skill cannot be purchased by a mage with dark alignment.
Phys-Rep Requirement: Light shadowing around the eyes and hands.
This skill increases the characters LHV by 1LHV per location during the day.
This skill decreases the characters LHV by 1LHV per location at night.

Ability Mutations


You must be conscious to use this skill.
This skill can be used twice per day and allows you to take no damage from physical attacks for 10 seconds each time. If you are struck during those 10 seconds you must respond clearly "Intangible".
You may not perform any offensive action while using this skill.

Bio-Electrical Manipulation

This skill can be used twice per day to overload electrical locks and systems while on a linear.
Characters with this skill that are hit by the Hydrokinetic damage type are affected by a Strikedown call in addition to any damage or effect.

Wound Transferral

This skill allows a character to restore one hit per location per 30 seconds on another character.
The character using the skill takes 1 hit per location per hit point restored using this skill.
The location of the hit point restored to the character, and the location of the hit taken by the mutant using this skill must be the same.

For example a mutant using wound transferral gives 1 hit point back to another character to restore their chest by 1 hit point. The mutant would take 1 hit to the chest.

Mutant History

No-one is exactly certain when the first ‘mutant’ was born (though many have spent a huge amount of research looking into the matter!), with suggestions that they could have pre-dated the Egyptians, and perhaps explain some of the more ‘supernatural’ elements of myths and legends. However, one thing is for certain, and that is that mutants became much more common close to the dawn of the 21st Century.

Mutants had existed before this point in fewer numbers, hiding their abilities (or themselves) from society for fear of how they would be received. However, their numbers suddenly boomed after the millennium, with children starting to show powers from their early teens. As this meta-type became more well-known adults from before the boom started stepping forward, revealing that mutants had in fact been around for some time. While some had hoped that the increase in mutation would lead to humanity accepting them sadly the opposite was true. Mutation was initially seen as a sickness that required identifying and curing. As such extensive testing was performed on mutants in the early 2000s to try and find a way to reverse mutation… but to no avail. Victimised by their treatment many mutants began hiding once more, taking to underground and very rural communities, fiercely protective of one another and seeing themselves as a race apart from the rest of humanity. Determined to mark their loyalty and acceptance for one another, many mutant communities began to tattoo themselves with meaningful group marks and symbols to show a sense of brother- and sisterhood between them all.

Further research into mutant physiology was still being undertaken during this time, determining that their powers actually came from a highly unique gene that existed within the DNA of Mutants. Investigation found similarities between this gene and the structure of Astral Shards, leading scientists to believe that mutants may have some link to the Astral Plane. Any attempts to recreate this gene and insert it into the Human DNA sequence have been entirely unsuccessful. In the past the few mutants that had made themselves known to the public were treated with disgust and suspicion, but in light of new research into their genetic structure, as well as the appearance of the other meta-types now walking amongst them, humans have decided to pay more attention to the racial similarities rather than differences that they share with Mutants, having realised the advantage to having such powerful brethren.

This change in heart was strengthened by the intense interest that Ethereals took in mutants, seemingly amused and entranced by them. Some humans saw this as a potential threat, as the joining of these two powerful meta-types as allies could leave humanity at a woeful disadvantage… a view that strengthened upon the arrival of the Armada within Earth space. As such, they made a concerted effort to extend equal rights to mutant-kind, re-welcoming them as ‘part’ of humanity.

But prejudices die hard. Some humans find it hard to let go of their inherent dislike of mutants, and the same can be said in return, especially for older mutants who recall the fear of having to hide who they were. Many mutants decided to stay within their hidden communities, despite encouragement to rejoin society. Those who do decide to venture out often take steps to hide their mutant mark and even mask their identities when performing superhuman deeds in public.

The Mutant Gene

With mutants, all of their superhuman abilities are a symptom of their mutation, as for all other intents and purposes, they seem to be identical to humans. It is their mutant gene that allows them the potential to align to Light and Darkness, which opens their minds to enable psyker abilities, or increases their strength or intelligence to give them various powers.

A side effect of the mutant gene is the appearance of what is simply referred to as “the mutant mark” upon the cheek of all who possess the gene. It usually manifests at around the same time as the individual’s mutation, sometimes appearing as scar-tissue, and other times like a tattoo or birthmark. However, it is curiously similar on all mutants. In the past many mutants would do what they could to hide this mark. Now many display it proudly.

Reporting on Mutant Riots

(Taken from The Daily Page, 14th November 1998)
Special Correspondent: Andrew Tobin
Six people were arrested and are being held in custody today, after conflict broke out between the meetings of pro- and anti-mutant protesters outside a school in North London. What started out as a relatively peaceful rally at the Birchside Comprehensive School in Totteridge, turned sour as a bottle was thrown at one of the mutant allies. Fights broke out between the two groups and police were soon called to the scene. Four people, including a child of six, were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Tensions have been high among anti-mutant advocates in the area since the revelation that there may be a mutant child attending the school. The eight year old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to possess an intelligence far superior to that of their classmates, to the extent that they are surpassing test scores taken by A-Level students. Schools across the country have had their high achievers, but while it has yet to be confirmed, it has been rumoured that the child in question carries what could be the ‘mutant mark’ on their jawline.

Resembling a raised scar or birthmark in the shape of a lop-sided cross, the mutant mark has come to be a key indicator of those carrying the mutant gene. Scientists have yet to uncover why this mark is present in all those who have displayed ‘advanced abilities’, but it is thought that those who possess the mark have taken to hiding them with garments or make up to avoid persecution.

Though only a still relatively recent phenomenon, up until this point mutated individuals have only been recorded as upwards of fifteen years of age. They have displayed a wide range of abilities, from enhanced strength or reflexes to superior intelligence, while some have even exhibited the capacity for acts far more violent, such as fire manipulation or the use of psychic force. Undoubtedly, the idea that a child could now present such capabilities has both worried and outraged the community.

Deborah Reynolds, 42, a parent of a child at Birchside Comprehensive, had this to say outside the gates of the school this afternoon: “Having a child like that at Birchside is going to cause the other kids to suffer. They’re going to feel inferior, intimidated, and teachers’ attention will just fall away from their needs. Not only are they showing the other kids up in terms of academic performance, but who knows what else this child can do? I for one don’t feel safe allowing my son to attend school with a child who could blow up or burst into flames without a moment’s notice. These people are dangerous. There’s no place for that at Birchside.”

Sentiments attesting to such an opinion seemed to be rife outside the gates of the school as children filed in for morning registration today. Boards displaying slogans including ‘No Place for a Mutant’ and ‘Protect Our Children’ were held aloft. Some were parents from the school, others merely residents in the nearby area. However, as the protesters were asked by the Deputy Head to move along – as they were blocking a crossing leading to the school – a man passing spoke up in defence of mutant kind. While what was said has yet to be verified, it sparked argument that soon turned violent as more bypassers joined the man in his defence. A bottle was thrown by one of the anti-mutant protesters, from which point fights broke out between the two groups. Staff at the school were quick to inform the police.

The parents of the alleged mutant child in question were not available for comment today, but it is said that they have been asked to keep their child off school premises until further notice.