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Project Omega

Project: Omega (often referred to as simply ‘Omega’) is a government-supported group of meta-types, working together for not only the betterment of Earth, but also with the aim of aiding the Alien races in finding a suitable homeworld or viable alternative. They work with some restrictions as imposed by the United Earth Government, but the advantage is that their actions are not often met with resistance by the world as a whole. The media largely supports them as well, which means that non-humans that are part of Project: Omega are more likely to be warmly received by humanity than those who are not.

Most members of Project: Omega believe that the UEG are working in their best interests, trying to ensure that having superhuman abilities does not make you an exception to the rules and laws that the rest of humanity have to abide by. They see this regulation as not only appropriate, but necessary, giving them the safeguards needed to be able to detain those with superpowers who would act selfishly for their own gain. Others, however, while they do share some of these sentiments and want to be able to act legally, think that some of the restrictions imposed on them are too strict, and prevent them from being able to complete their missions with ease.

This group was originally formed when members of Operation: Alpha decided that they should not consider themselves to be above the law, and that they wanted to work with the Government rather than against it. In return for their alliance, the United Earth Government has provided Project: Omega with advanced training and facilities, legal protection, and has actively improved the media opinion of meta-types that are a part of this movement. This occurrence is often referred to by both factions as The Divide.

Omega is run by an office of the United Earth Government. They not only maintain group bases, distribute resources and arrange for training, but also act as Mission Control for the faction. While these people do not attend the faction missions, they do send an Overseer in their stead, there to ensure that rules and regulations are being followed as well as to observe on behalf of the UEG. The branch of the UEG that deals specifically with Project: Omega is titled the Omega Office.

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What is it to 'be' Omega?

Government Supported: A Superhero of Project:Omega has the backing of the UEG, and in kind belive the UEG is working in the best interest of everyone on Earth.
An Example to all: Living proof that regardless of gender, race or meta-type, those that choose to do so can have a positive impact on the future of the world.
A Unified Force: No Omega operative is more important than those its members have sworn to serve and protect.
Lawful: Omega operatives work alongside UEG recognised and democratically elected bodies of law enforcement. While neither body has authority over the other, operatives cooperate with, and respect the wishes of, local authorities.

What Omega Members are not

Government Stooges: You may work under the watchful eye of the UEG, but you are not a soulless drone sent out to do the bidding of some faceless governing body.
A Militant Force: You are not a soldier in an army, you are a Super Hero in every sense of the word. If you are called upon to do something you don't agree with, you will stand up for it, even if it means going against your superiors.
Executioners: All alleged criminals dealt with by Project: Omega shall, where possible, be brought to trial under whichever judicial body they are subject to. The governing tribunal, not Omega itself, shall determine the severity of a criminal’s punishment.

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