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General Character Rules

  • You must only have one character at any given time

Should you wish to play a new character, you must either kill or retire your active one.

  • Character deaths must be recorded at GOD

If your character dies in play, you must inform GOD as soon as possible. GOD will register the character as dead on our database, and will give you whatever information and assistance you need in creating a new one.

  • Your character cannot swap factions during an event

Characters can, through IC means, make arrangements to change factions. These arrangements must be done IC during game time. You must not physically move factions until the next event.

We offer this option as a trust-based one, and ask that players only move factions if their character genuinely has a change of heart. It should not be done under false pretenses.

General Game Rules

Time In

Time-In is when the game officially begins. On the first day of a mainline event, Time-In is at 6pm. On following days, it is 10am.

Time Out

Time-Out is when the game stops. Time-Out is at 1am each day of a mainline event, and between 1 and 3pm on the final day of an event. Please note that during Time-Out, you may still continue to roleplay if you wish. However, you cannot perform any actions requiring the presence of an NPC or referee.

Arrival On Site

Players who have booked Thursday night camping may arrive from midday on Thursday. If you have not booked for Thursday camping, you may still arrive from Midday on Thursday but will need to pay a £5 fee or arrive from 10am onwards on Friday.


‘Metagaming’ is where a player uses out-of-character knowledge to gain in-game advantages. Your character should only know information that they have gained during Time-In, and IC conversations should only take place within IC areas. Metagaming is prohibited in Future’s End, and if players are concerned that someone may be using it to cheat, please inform a referee.


IC theft is permitted in Future’s End. You may steal a player’s in-character ID card or other lammied item. Because of this, a player may not place any lammies or ID cards in any sort of OOC container or storage, such as OOC bags or wallets. This can be considered cheating under our rules.
Stealing a lammied item (including in-game resources and lammied weapons/armour/items) requires you to take both the lammie and the phys-rep it is attached to. You must take the stolen item to a referee within 30 minutes of stealing it so the phys-rep can be returned to it’s original owner.
The victim of this IC theft will not be informed of who took their lammied item.

  • If you steal a phys rep you automatically become OC responsible for the safety of that phys rep.
  • You must take any stolen phys rep to a referee within 30 minutes of its theft.

Taking anything that is not a game item (wallets, clothing, food and drink etc) is an OOC theft, and is not permitted under any circumstance. Where this is discovered to have happen it will be reported to the Police.

In-Character Searching

A thorough IC search of another character requires 30 seconds of concentration. When searching a character the searcher must hold their primary (or off hand if they have the Ambidextrous skill) a few inches above the character being searched. Players found breaking the searching rules may be asked to leave site.
While searching, the searcher must tell the target they are performing an IC search.
At no time may the searcher make physical contact with the person being searched
All players using these searching rules (whether to search or be searched) must be fair and honest when looking for or revelaing items.
Please try and avoid keeping IC and OOC items together.


Forgery is permitted in regards to written and typed documents (letters, mission reports, telegrams etc). You cannot, however, make forgeries of game items (such as resources, currency, Astral Shards or OC documents), and to do so is considered a breach of the rules.


Disguising yourself as another character or meta-type is not permitted within Future’s End. As all characters’ biometrics are kept on secure databases, no character would be able to masquerade as another.


If you suspect a player of cheating, you must inform a referee immediately. You must not approach the player yourself, or make any public accusations against them.

General Safety Rules

More specific safety rules can be found in the Safety section of the Rules Wiki.

All players are responsible for the health and safety of both themselves and others while at Future’s End events. When taking part in combat, be sure to move away from any potential hazards (fires, tents, furniture etc), and never attempt to fight inside or in-front of a tent.

You must always obey the directions of a referee.

  • All players must fight in a safe manner

- All weapons must be weapons checked at every event.
- All blows must be pulled to minimize the force of the blow.
- Stab safe / thrust safe weapons are not permitted at Future’s End.
- Hits to the face, neck and groin should be avoided.
- Hits to the breasts and head should be avoided where there is another viable target.
- You must not parry arrows/bolts with a weapon, nor catch them mid-flight.
- You must not grab or trap an opponent's weapon while they are wielding it. If you are caught doing this deliberately you will be removed from combat.
- You must not take part in combat when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


- If a player has their hand raised during combat, they are non-combatant and should not be touched or physically attacked. They are, however, still In-Character.
- Raising your hand to indicate non-combatant instantly puts your character into their bleed-out time, -1 to the chest.
- Future’s End cannot guarantee that you will not be hit while your hand is raised.

There are many instances where a player may suddenly wish to drop to non-combatant status (having taken a physical injury, being genuinely afraid for your safety, psychological reasons etc). However, it is the duty of Future’s End to ensure that, while players have this safety feature in place, it is not used to simply try and ensure your character’s survival.

If you need to become non-combatant you must raise your hand, announce “non-com” to anyone who approaches you to attack and move away from the immediate melee area before sitting/laying down and going into your bleed-out time. You may still roleplay when non-combatant, but cannot be attacked.

If in doubt as to how you should proceed when going non-com, remain with your hand raised and speak to the nearest referee. If a referee is not immediately available, speak to one as soon as you are physically able to do so.

Safety Calls

Man Down

MAN DOWN must only be called if a player suffers a real injury. If you hear this call, everyone in the area should instantly stop and take a knee. You should indicate where the injured individual is so that referees and first-aiders can respond swiftly. Once the issue is resolved, a referee will instruct players to get back to their feet, and resume once TIME IN is called. Please do not use this call for a character injury, only a real-life one (i.e players should at no time be calling ‘Man Down’ during the course of their roleplaying).

Time Freeze

TIME FREEZE is a ref call used for a variety of reasons, and can be called if a safety problem is developing (i.e. fighting in a dangerous area) or sometimes for plot purposes. If you hear TIME FREEZE, instantly stop, fall silent, close your eyes and follow the instructions of the referee. Do not resume again until TIME IN is called

In and Out of Character Behavior

In Character Behavior

The world of Future's End, while similar to the real world, does feature some notable differences aside from the presence of super heroes! Most notable of these is that the Future's End universe is almost entirely neutral in terms of gender, race, religion and sexuality. Equality is considered to have been widely achieved across all spectrums, with no line of employment being biased towards certain social or biological groups, and no expectations made of an individual based on these real-world traits.

Players should keep this in mind during their interactions, as this would be the world that their characters have grown up and spent their lives in. For example, implications that a particular gender is suited for a certain job, or that a person of a particular race might suffer difficulties in some social situations, are simply not things that would happen in the Future's End universe. Referring to groups of people using language which is as gender-neutral as possible (for example, referring to a group of people about to go on a mission as "heroes", "team" or "operatives" would be more suitable than saying "men" or "boys").

Discrimination based on IC traits (such as a player's character skills or meta-type) is, however, perfectly acceptable. Should any player feel that they are being treated particularly unfairly based on an IC trait, we suggest they speak to their faction leader or a referee out-of-character if the matter cannot be resolved in-character.

Out of Character Behavior

Future's End will not condone nor tolerate discrimination or bullying based on real-world attributes of a player. Targetting or insulting someone based on their gender, race, religion, disabilities, age or physical traits is considered to be unacceptable, and can be grounds to expel a player from our events. Sexual harrassment is also not tolerated in any form at our events, and anyone who feels they are a target of harrassment should remove themselves from the situation immediately and speak to an NPC or referee, who will get a member of the game team to handle the situation as soon as possible.

PvP (Player vs. Player)

PvP is allowed within Future's End.

You must get a referee before carrying out a planned PvP attack. The referee is there to ensure that all the rules are followed.
The referee may ask you why you are carrying out the attack to ensure that it is being done for legitimate IC reasons.
The referee will ask to see any items or resources you are planning on using as part of your attack and will check that anyone involved has the appropriate skills to use these items.
The referee may wish to debrief you on any queries after the fact. Please comply with the referee if this is the case.

If you have not got a referee prior to carrying out your attack and there is a dispute then the balance of the doubt will go to the defender.


Every character receives 1000 credits at the start of every event they attend which represents their payment from their faction for attending the mission.
This is received in addition to any additional income from personal resources, group resources or skills.

Following an event which they have played a character will receive a downtime via e-mail.
This will be something which happens to your character and will be sent to you from It will have your character advancement options included within it.
The downtime system for Future's End is very deliberately designed to provide specific information relevant to your character alongside your character advancement options and nothing more. This is to ensure that the focus remains clearly on the events themselves. There is no provision for submitting individual free text downtimes - the opportunity for your character to be involved with and effect plot lines and other interesting occurrences is at the event.

Policing Your Brass

As nerf darts are not biodegradable it is important that they are not left lying around the site at the end of the event. In support of this and to thank you for supporting us in keeping the site clean we have introduced this mechanic.

If you collect your ‘spent casings’ (fired nerf darts) you can trade them in with your faction quartermaster. They will be able to recover some of the propellant from the casings and for each case returned will give you 1 Phlogiston.

There may also be other people in game who are interested in taking your spent cases off you, so it pays to keep an eye out!

All darts should be handed in to GOD at the end of the event. These will be turned into Phlogiston in the following downtime and added to your characters bank account.

Making A Complaint

Generally speaking, Future's End operates a warning policy, where a player who is seen to go against the rules will receive a single warning for that behaviour, and any further breaking of that rule can see them removed from that event, and possibly all future events. Future's End Events are under no obligation to refund a player who has been expelled from an event due to their behaviour.

We will work with complaints on a case-by-case basis, taking the wishes of the individual making the complaint into consideration. The outcome may not always be to the satisfaction of all parties, but we do our utmost to make the results of complaints as fair and reasoned as we can, given the information we are provided with. If a member of the Game Team has made a judgement on a player based on complaints received about them, this will be recorded into their records on our player database, and they are expected to abide by whatever requirements the Game Team have given them when attended Future's End Events games.

Complaints should be recorded promptly and not left until after the event.