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Personal Resources

During character creation you must choose a personal resource.
Personal resources are given directly to your character either physically, in their character pack, or electronically, in their bank account, at the start of each event when they sign in at GOD.
The personal resources characters can choose from are as follows:

Chemistry Set

Gives a character 4 Batrachite, 2 Yliaster, 2 Aether and 2 Ionium


Gives a character 5 Adamant, 4 Loadstone, 4 Mithril and 2 Orichalcum

Bank Account

Gives a character an additional 500 International Credits

Gun Shop Account

Gives a character an additional 12 pistol AND 6 rifle bullets


Gives a character 2 Healing 1 potions, 2 Sedatives, and 1 common antidote

Group Resources

Group resources are only available to characters who are part of an active Super Group.


Your group leader can choose to draw either 1000 International Credits from the profits of your group laboratory, or receive a set of random chemicals at the start of each event.


Your group leader can choose to draw either 1000 International Credits from the profits of your group workshop, or receive a set of random materials at the start of each event.

Stocks and Shares

Gives an additional 250 International Credits to each group member.

Private Hospital

Your group leader can choose to draw either 1000 International Credits from the profits of your private hospital or receive a set of random healing resources at the start of each event.

Crafting Resources

Resources in-game are normally represented electronically (in a character's bank account) although it is also possible to find physical examples in play. The list below contains descriptions of each resource, as well as their appearance.


A strong mineral which, when alloyed with metal, massively increases tensile strength and helps to dampen impacts. Naturally occurring in rare mines.
Phys-Rep: Lumps of Iron Pyrite.


A transparent glass-like material which does not interact with living matter, harvested from vacuum. It is known to have a particular arcane resonance with light-associated arts.
Phys-Rep: Clear quartz crystals


A fragile green gemstone which can be harvested from particular species of rainforest toads. Known to boost the immune system of any living creature.
Phys-Rep: Green tinted stones/crystals


A black liquid found in cave complexes in certain mountain ranges. Chemical analysis indicates that it is organic, and highly toxic to any living being.
Phys-Rep: Any black-coloured liquid in a bottle or test tube.


A thick, warm golden liquid rumoured to be gathered from the bodies of Astral creatures. Highly toxic, but seems to possess great power.
Phys-Rep: Golden syrup in a bottle or test tube.


A dull, smooth material with the curious property both of absorbing any light shone upon it, and resonating with the darker side of the arcane arts. With the proper equipment can be gathered in pitch darkness.
Phys-Rep: Smooth black stones.


A dull grey material with a weight higher than its mass would indicate. Found rarely in iron mines, and no, we don’t know how it works either.
Phys-Rep: Granite rocks.


A yellow amber-like substance, gathered from the bladders of wild lynxes. When used in psychic constructions lyngurium helps to focus the forces of the wielder.
Phys-Rep: Yellow or orange tinted plastic, glass or resin stones/crystals.


While not particularly strong, mithril has the advantage of being able to be sharpened to unbelievable edges. Silvery in colour and occasionally found in silver mines.
Phys-Rep: Any shiny silver stones


A brownish metal pulled from the bones of the earth and known to be associated with that element.
Phys-Rep: Bronze or copper metal pieces.


A red-coloured gas with negative mass, released from solid matter as it burns. Once released and captured with the proper equipment it will generate heat indefinitely.
Phys-Rep: A bottle or test-tube tinted red.


A material of unknown source, similar to water but of a thicker viscosity.
"Phys-Rep": Water