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Future's End Game Team

The Crew enjoying a post-event meal


The Future’s End Management Team consists of Dan Sandbrook, Kelly Poole and Adam Cooper. They are responsible for ensuring the success of all events run by Future’s End Events, as well as being responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all its legal responsibilities.

If you would like to contact the Management, or any member of the game team, please send an email to

Head of Operations
Head of Operations has a hug

The Head of Operations role is to oversee the processes and systems used by Future’s End Events. Between events, this includes administration tasks, graphic design, web hosting and designing in-game systems. At events, this includes ensuring that GOD and other database systems are functional to allow the game to run smoothly (or find alternatives where needed).

Our current Head of Operations is Adam Cooper.

Head Referees
The Head Refs are friendly, honest

The Head Referees are responsible for making final calls in terms of rules judgements. They are able to make instant decisions where they feel is necessary, and their ruling is final.

The current Head Referees are Dan Sandbrook and Kelly Poole.
Attendee Support
Head of Attendee Support, Dani Mines, supports event attendees

The Head of Attendee Support will always be an individual with counselling and support experience. It is their job to help any participant who feels that another person is not adhering to our Code of Conduct, or has a direct issue with another individual on-site. They can also give advice, suggest outside support services related to the attendees' needs or concerns, and provide assistance if any attendee wishes to contact the police or medical services for whatever reason.

The current Head of Attendee Support is Dani Mines.

Crew Welfare
Ty (Below) and Reiss (Above) make sure the entire crew are in the right place, and stay hydrated

Our Head of Crew Welfare is primarily responsible for the physical well-being of our crew members. Their role is to ensure that crew are not placed into roles that are unsuitable for them, to make sure sufficient rest breaks are taken, and to otherwise keep the crew in healthy and happy working order. Should our Head of Crew Welfare believe that any member of crew is not in a fit state to perform their role, then that judgement is entirely at the Head’s discretion.

The current Head of Crew Welfare is Ty Couch.

Plot Actuation and NPC Liaison

The Head of Plot Actuation and NPC Liaison has two main areas of responsibility, as the title suggests. Firstly, they are responsible for ensuring that plot is delivered to players successfully, and is in charge of choosing teams for encounters, briefing and statting. They work directly with referees and Head of Crew Welfare to ensure that plot can be delivered to the best of the crews ability. The second responsibility, as NPC Liaison, is to ensure that all Future’s End NPCs feel supported in their roles, and understand what plot they can expect to encounter over the weekend as appropriate.

The current Head of Plot Actuation and NPC Liaison is Reiss McSporran.

Weapons Check

The role of Head of Weapons Check is to ensure that all weapons that will be used by players, NPCs and crew meet the required safety standards as detailed on the Future’s End Wiki. They are an individual with extensive experience in testing larp and nerf weaponry, and may often work with the assistance of other experienced weapon checkers. However, the ruling of the Head of Weapons Check is final, and cannot be overruled by any other member of the Game Team.

The current Head of Weapons Check is Alan Williamson.

Site Management

Our Head of Site Management has the responsibility to ensure that the sites used by Future’s End Events are adequately set up for the event needs, that safety hazards are identified, and to deal with any site-related issues that may occur during the course of the event. They are the liaison between event attendees and site staff. The Head of Site Management will also be responsible for ensuring that site facilities are properly maintained and supplied, and is permitted to make areas off-limits to players and crews if they feel it is required for health and safety reasons.

The current Head of Site Management is Chris Andrews.

First Aid

Our Head of First Aid will always be an individual with, at minimum, an in-date First Aid qualification. Where possible, the Head of First Aid will have additional qualifications and/or experience within a first aid capacity. They are responsible for attending to first aid calls made while on site for Future’s End Events games. The Head of First Aid will have a team of first aiders at events to assist them, but will always become involved in the case of major or life-threatening incidents, or where their presence is specifically requested. The Head of First Aid will be aware of any recent changes to first aid policy and will ensure these changes are communicated to their team.

The current Head of First Aid is Rich Andrews.