World History

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World History

Below are some of the key dates in Earth history that are relevant to the storyline of Future’s End.


Recorded interactions between the Egyptian Deities and humans lead historians to believe this is the point at which Ethereals began to crossover. It is known that throughout history they have masqueraded as angels, daemons and other creations of folklore.

Honoria Frith proposes the idea of a United Earth Government in a speech to the UN

The United Earth Government is officially founded and recognised.

First suspected mutant recorded, though cannot be confirmed.

World Health Organisation announces official confirmation of mutants and the ‘blank gene’. Initial reaction is poor, and many mutants hide their mutations.

Synchronised pro-mutant rallies organised in major cities worldwide meet harsh anti-mutant protesters resulting in large and violent conflicts in many areas. Sharpshooter employed by United Earth Government to neutralise ‘dangerous’ pro-mutant targets.

First Contact made by the Armada

United Earth Government extend official guidance regarding the equality of humans and mutants, attempting to end the tensions between the two races and draw them together in a truce. Sharpshooter goes rogue. United Earth Government denies all association with this individual.

Ethereals make their true nature known.

The Armada begins to send more representatives to earth. Some stay only as long as needed, others remain longer.

Major Armada diplomat assassinated. Bullet-casing from Sharpshooter found at the scene. Jack Flash reports this, but the United Earth Government denies it.

December 17th 2004AD
The Barcelona Bombings occured, The single largest terrorist incident recorded in human history

Operation Alpha is founded between humans, mutants, ethereals and aliens

Official founding of Project:Omega
“The Divide”.

Civil War erupts in Venezuela between rebel fighters and the central government

First joint strike between Operation Alpha and Project:Omega launched to Venezuela in a effort to quell the civil war. Widespread use of chemical weapons discovered.

A hostile alien force takes a foothold in the Canadian wilderness via meteor strike, both alpha and omega units are despatched to eradicate the large clawed bipedal creatures. The mission was a failure

A small elite taskforce called Genesis is formed, consisting of highly trained mutants with unique skills set out to be a force for good in the world. At their launch, Peter Helstrom is poisoned and dies shortly after thus passing Helstrom to his daughter.

Senator Kenneth Brackhaven promotes the Mutant Registration Act that complies all mutants to register their abilities with other personal information. Kenneth Brackhaven is elected to be North Americas United Earth Government representative.

Ashmount (Famous for its many notorious mutant criminals) experiences strange extreme weather conditions causing security systems to break and allow rioting in the prison. Alpha and Omega units are despatched to deal with the situation, the outcome of the mission success is currently unknown.